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About Pottery Square

Pottery Square in Bhaktapur, Nepal, is a vibrant hub of culture, craft, and creativity. It’s a place where the traditional art of pottery is still alive and thriving, with local artisans shaping clay into various forms, from pots and vases to intricate sculptures.

The square is predominantly inhabited by the Prajapati community, an ethnic group within the Newar community. The Prajapatis' have inherited the art of pottery from their ancestors and have kept this tradition alive through generations. However, the number of households involved in this profession has been dwindling, with only about 60 out of the original 226 still engaged in pottery.

Pottery Square is also home to several temples and shrines, including the Ganesh shrine, Vishnu temple, Gorakhnath temple, Aakhandasheel Mahavihar, and Jetha Ganesh temple. The Jetha Ganesh temple, located as the centre of hierarchy of the square, is particularly noteworthy for its beautifully carved images of Astamatrikas and Astabhairavas.

The square has a rich history, with some parts said to be the oldest in Bhaktapur. It’s not just a place for pottery but also a hub for shopping for Nepalese handicrafts.

The lifestyle in Pottery Square is deeply rooted in tradition. The process of pottery making involves everyone in the family, from the older men who shape the clay into vessels, to the women who look after the pots for drying and coloring, to the young men and women who carry heavy heaps of pots from one place to another.

A Cultural Hub: Our virtual tour takes you to a bustling Pottery Square, a vibrant hub of artistic activity. Located in the heart of Bhaktapur, this square is a testament to the enduring spirit of pottery. As you step into the square, you'll be surrounded by the mesmerizing sights and sounds of artisans at work.

Artisans at Work: Watch in awe as skilled potters transform shapeless lumps of clay into works of art. The rhythmic motion of the potter's wheel, the precision of their hands, and the finesse of their tools create a captivating spectacle. Here, tradition meets innovation as artisans blend time-honored techniques with contemporary designs.

Exploring Pottery Traditions: Visiting the Pottery Square isn't just about observing—it's about participation. Join a pottery workshop and get your hands dirty! Experience the therapeutic nature of clay molding as you create your pottery masterpiece, guided by seasoned artisans who are eager to share their knowledge.

Discovering Pottery's Soul: As you stroll through the square, you'll find an array of pottery on display, each piece a unique expression of an artisan's creativity. From functional kitchenware to ornamental sculptures, the diversity of pottery's forms and functions is on full display.

Preserving Heritage: Pottery Square is not just a place of commerce; it's a sanctuary of culture. Many artisans here are the torchbearers of centuries-old traditions, committed to preserving their heritage. Your visit supports their efforts to keep these traditions alive.


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